Explore Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers? In 2023

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

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Planet Fitness is a widely realized gym chain known for its affordability and non-intimidating conditions, praised as a Judgment-Free Zone. 

For many, personal trainers are essential to achieving specific fitness goals. 

So the question appears: Does Planet Fitness offer personal training services? This blog desires to answer that searing question.

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Planet Fitness does not offer traditional one-on-one personal training. Instead, they have a program called PE@PF, which stands for Planet Fitness Express 30-Minute Workout. 

This program is created to help members get a good workout quickly and is instructed by certified trainers at Planet Fitness. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

These training sessions are usually conducted in small group settings, and the best part is that they are free with a Planet Fitness membership.

While the process is less personalized than classic personal training, it is a cost-effective way to get expert advice during workouts. 

If you wonder whether Planet Fitness offers personal training, the answer is yes, but in a particular group format.

What Is Planet Fitness Known For?

Planet Fitness draws millions with its low-cost memberships and various tools, from circuit training to cardio machines. 

The gym is known for its relaxed atmosphere and amenities like showers and lockers.

Importance of Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are critical in helping you create a program tailored to your fitness goals. 

Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, or overall health, a good workout plan designed by a specialist can make a significant difference. 

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The Planet Fitness Approach to Personal Training

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Planet Fitness does not offer traditional one-on-one personal training. Instead, they have a program called PE@PF. 

It is a group training program led by certified fitness personal trainers at Planet Fitness. The goal is to create an intelligent workout in a small group setting. 

Find out if this group training approach works for you.

What’s Included in PE@PF?

Members can choose from different training sessions focused on other muscle groups.

There’s a class for you, whether body workout plans or circuit training. 

You also have the option for one-on-one consultation to discuss your workout plan and how it aligns with your fitness goals.


  • Free with membership
  • Group settings can be motivating
  • Certified trainers


  • It is not as personalized as traditional training
  • Limited schedule slots

Comparing Planet Fitness with Other Gyms

While many gyms offer one-on-one personal training sessions, they often come with additional costs. Planet Fitness stands out by offering free training as part of your membership. Check out the Top 10 Best Cable Chest Workouts for more workout options.


Planet Fitness offers a unique blend of training options through its PE@PF program, suitable for those seeking general fitness goals. You may need to look elsewhere for more specialized needs or a highly personalized approach.

So, if you’re looking for a “green light” to join, consider your specific fitness needs and how the Planet Fitness personal training program aligns with them.

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My Final Thoughts

If you seek a straightforward, cost-effective way to work on your fitness, Planet Fitness may be a good fit. The group settings and range of classes can be great for motivation. However, you may need to look elsewhere if you require highly specialized attention.


Q: What gyms are best for personal trainers? 

Ans: Gyms like Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, Equinox, and Anytime Fitness are great options for personal trainers.

Q: What is a gym trainer called?

Ans: A gym trainer is commonly called a “personal trainer” or “fitness trainer.”

Q: Can you get fit at Planet Fitness? 

Ans: You can reach fitness goals at Planet Fitness with their equipment and welcoming environment.

Q: Can you take a personal trainer to the gym? 

Ans: Usually, you can bring a personal trainer to the gym, but check the gym’s policy first.

Q: Is a personal trainer in the gym worth it? 

Ans: Employing a gym personal trainer can be helpful for tailored guidance, but consider your goals and budget.


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