Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes? Yes & No

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

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Zumba has grown from being just a fitness trend to a worldwide wonder. With its global credit, many are interested in whether gyms like Planet Fitness align with this dance-fitness wave. 

Modern gyms must house a variety of workout styles to appeal to a mixed clientele.

What is Zumba?

Originating in the 90s by a Colombian dancer, Zumba combines the thrill of dancing with the intensity of a workout. 

This potent blend targets cardiovascular health and weight loss and is a great stress buster. 

Unlike traditional exercises, Zumba injects fun into fitness, making it distinct and sought-after. But does Planet Fitness have Zumba gold classes or even regular ones?

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

Does Planet Fitness Offer Zumba Classes?

The million-dollar question: does Planet Fitness have Zumba classes? As of our last update, Planet Fitness does not offer Zumba classes. 

I discuss reasons ranging from their focus on traditional gym tools to their target audience. Yet, it is always good to check their latest offerings and schedules as they frequently update them.

Why Does Planet Fitness Not Offer Zumba Classes?

Here are some potential reasons why Planet Fitness may not offer Zumba classes:

  1. Business Model: Planet Fitness aims for low-cost, primary fitness offerings in a Judgment-Free Zone.
  2. Equipment Focus: The gym prioritizes traditional tools over technical classes.
  3. Pricing: Their cheap membership might not adjust the cost of specialized courses.
  4. Target Audience: Their core members may prefer a traditional gym experience.
  5. Operational Simplicity: Without classes, operations are simplified across locations.
  6. Partnership Concerns: Branded classes like Zumba might entail licensing complexities.

Always check the latest from Planet Fitness for updates on their offerings.

Which Gym Offers Zumba Classes

Which gym offers Zumba classes

As the fitness landscape grows, Zumba has cemented its position as a favored workout for many. This high-energy dance fitness regimen has been assumed by multiple gyms worldwide. 

For those seeking a place to enjoy Zumba, here are some gyms known to offer these exciting Zumba classes.

  • Gold’s Gym
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • LA Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Lifetime Fitness

Please note that offerings vary by location, so checking with your local branch or their official websites is always a good idea to confirm class availability.

The Rise of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes, including Zumba, have seen meteoric popularity. Such courses offer a sense of community, a structured workout, and motivation from the professor and peers. 

Many who ask if Planet Fitness offers Zumba classes are often looking for this group motivation involved.

Alternatives to Zumba at Planet Fitness

Alternatives to Zumba at Planet Fitness

While the want of Zumba at Planet Fitness may disappoint some, multiple other cardiovascular workouts are available there. 

Dance lovers can always combine dance elements into their activities. Suppose you are looking for other unique offerings. 

You might be interested in the Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness, a vital experience.

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In summary, while unlikely, again, Planet Fitness does not offer Zumba Gold or other Zumba classes, myriad options remain available for those seeking an enriching workout experience. 

Its cheap pricing and welcoming atmosphere continue to be a favorite among many other gyms I recommend.

My Final Thoughts

Gyms grow with time, and who knows? Planet Fitness might teach Zumba or similar dance-based fitness programs in the future. But until then, there are plenty of ways to get fit and have fun.

Remember, the best workout is the one you enjoy and stick to. So, dance away, even if it is to your beat at Planet Fitness!


Q: Which is better for weight loss, Zumba or the gym?

Ans: Both are effective for weight loss. Zumba offers a fun, high-energy cardio workout. At the same time, the gym provides diverse tools for targeted muscle training.

Q: Which is better, Zumba, gym, or yoga?

Ans: It depends on personal likes:

  • Zumba for dance-based cardio
  • Gym for strength and training
  • Yoga for flexibility and mindfulness

Q: Can we do both Zumba and gym together?

Ans: Combining Zumba’s cardio benefits with gym strength training can provide a balanced fitness routine.

Q: Do you lose weight with Zumba Fitness?

Ans: Even Zumba workouts can aid weight loss by burning calories through dance and aerobic movements.

Q: What Can I get a flat tummy with Zumba?

Ans: Zumba can help reduce belly fat through cardio. Still, various targeted exercises and a healthy diet will most benefit a flat stomach.


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