Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After 2023

Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After
Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After
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Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After Whether you are a fitness lover or a person beginning their journey towards better health, you might have heard about it.

This blog post will guide you through a complete before and after travel and how this popular wellness solution can be essential to your fitness program.

Understanding Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy

Understanding Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy

You may wonder, what is Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness? This therapy, often called Red Light Therapy, is a non-invasive therapy. 

It uses low-level, red light wavelengths to produce cellular processes, which can lead to improved skin health, tissue repair, and overall wellness.

Before Phase

Understanding what to expect is essential before starting the Red Light Therapy. 

Unlike other fitness workouts or treatments, this doesn’t require trying activities or extended hours. You will stand in a technical stall that emits red light. 

Comfortable clothes or gym wear is advised, and most importantly, an open mind to welcome this wellness journey.

Red Light Therapy Sessions

As you begin your sessions, you will notice that each lasts 10-12 minutes. It is a calming and relaxing experience where you stand as the red light works its magic on your body. 

Regularity is critical here, as it is through consistent sessions that you will see optimal results.

After Phase

Here’s where the magic happens. Post consistent sessions, you will start to notice changes. For many, the skin feels firmer, more beneficial, and glowing. 

But the benefits aren’t just skin deep. Users report feeling more energized and rejuvenated, an outcome of the therapy’s potential to produce cellular energy.

Notable Improvements

The benefits are diverse, from reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to easing muscle soreness. 

One study even suggests potential improvements in sleep quality. 

Essentially, the before and after journey of Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy.

Therapy showcases a change not just on a physical level but a holistic one, improving your overall well-being.

Planet Fitness Personal Trainers and Red Light Therapy

Planet Fitness’ unique approach to health and fitness extends to its use of clever technologies like Red Light Therapy. 

They also offer access to professional guidance through their trainers. Does Planet Fitness have personal trainers? Yes, they do. 

These trainers can provide personalized advice on including Red Light Therapy in your fitness plan.

Combining Red Light Therapy with Your Fitness Plan

Red Light Therapy with regular workout regimes can act as a force multiplier. 

While the therapy works on cellular renewal and skin health, your workouts can improve physical strength and perseverance. 

For a complete guide on how to do this, check out this post on Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: A Beginner’s Guide.

Pros And Cons of Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy Before And After


  • Non-Invasive & Safe
  • Multiple Benefits: Skin, Sleep, Muscles
  • No Side Effects


  • Time-Consuming
  • Costly
  • Variable Results

Remember, while red light therapy has proven benefits, it is essential to consider these factors before starting your session.

My Final Thoughts

The journey with Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy is not just about the physical change but the holistic wellness it brings. 

The before and after differences are noticeable regarding physical build and inner health. 

This therapy, combined with personalized advice from fitness trainers and a constant workout regime, can bring about a transformational fitness journey. 

It is more than just a trend; it’s a holistic way of combining health, wellness, and fitness.

In a world where our well-being can often be ignored amidst our busy plans, therapies like these can remind us to prioritize our health. 

As we wrap up, remember that your wellness journey is a marathon, not a sprint. 

So, welcome the process, stay even, and let the change fan.


Q: Is Planet Fitness red light therapy effective?

Ans: Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy promotes overall wellness and improves skin health.

Q: What are the results of red light therapy at Planet Fitness?

 Ans: Results include rejuvenated skin, energy, and sleep quality.

Q: Should I use red light therapy before or after a workout at Planet Fitness?

 Ans: It is adaptable. You can use red light therapy before or after your workout at Planet Fitness.

Q: How many sessions of red light therapy does it take to see results?

 Ans: While it varies from person to person, even sessions over a few weeks often show noticeable results.

Q: Are red light therapy results permanent?

 Ans: Red light therapy results are not enduring and need regular sessions to keep the benefits.

Q: What does your face look like after red light therapy?

 Ans: After red light therapy, your face may appear firmer, healthier, and brighter.


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