Why Is Planet Fitness Hated? Fully Explain

Why Is Planet Fitness Hated

Hello everyone, Top Fitness Team is here. In this article, I will explain why Planet Fitness is hated.

Why Is Planet Fitness Hated?


Planet Fitness, one of the most recognized names in the gym industry, markets itself as a ‘Judgment-Free Zone.’

With affordable memberships and nationwide locations, it draws in millions. Yet, there’s a significant group that expresses aversion. Why? Let’s explore.

Why Is Planet Fitness Hated

For starters, serious gymgoers sometimes feel that Planet Fitness does not cater to their needs. While the gym promotes a welcoming environment for beginners, this can come at the expense of more experienced fitness enthusiasts.

The absence of specific equipment, like squat racks, is a common grievance. Some argue that these omissions prevent members from pursuing more advanced weightlifting routines.

The Judgment-Free Zone Paradox

Though touting a “judgment-free zone,” some argue that Planet Fitness indirectly judges bodybuilders or those seeking intense workouts.

Terms like “lunk alarm” can seem contradictory, discouraging the essence of pushing oneself in a gym setting. Read more about this topic here.

Lack of Advanced Equipment and Training Resources

For the seasoned gymgoer, Planet Fitness might lack specific advanced equipment. Also, though they offer some personal training, the question arises: Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers? The offerings might not meet everyone’s expectations.

The Pizza and Tootsie Roll Controversy

Critics point out the irony of offering unhealthy snacks in a fitness environment. Monthly pizza nights and tootsie rolls at the counter might be fun perks for some, but detractors say they’re not conducive to fitness goals.

Limited Free Weights

The gym tends to have limited free weights and heavy lifting equipment, which can be frustrating for those into heavy weightlifting or bodybuilding.

No Intimidating Behavior

Planet Fitness’ policies aim to avoid intimidating behaviors, which can be loosely defined. Some feel this restricts their workout routines, especially those who train more intensively.

Business Model

Some argue that Planet Fitness’s business model relies on signing up many more members than they can accommodate, banking on the idea that many won’t show up regularly.

Tanning Beds

Some locations offer tanning beds, which health experts have linked to skin cancer. Critics argue that this is not a responsible service for a fitness-centered business to offer.

Promotion of a Non-Intensive Workout Ethos

Some critics believe Planet Fitness promotes a less severe attitude towards fitness and discourages more intensive workouts.

Generalizations and Stereotypes

The advertising campaigns for Planet Fitness sometimes use humor by comparing “Lunks” (muscular, grunting, weight-dropping gymgoers) to their preferred clientele.

This can be seen as promoting stereotypes or creating divisions among gymgoers.

Comparison with Traditional Gyms

Compared to traditional gyms, PF focuses on general fitness rather than intensive training.

While this approach appeals to many, fitness enthusiasts might prefer places where rigorous workouts are more supported.

The Challenge of Crowding and Availability

With its low membership rates, Planet Fitness attracts large crowds, especially during peak hours.

This can lead to longer wait times for machines and equipment, adding to some members’ frustrations.

Pros & Cons 


  • Affordable memberships.
  • Numerous locations nationwide.
  • Targets the general population for overall fitness.
  • Friendly for beginners.


  • Limited advanced equipment.
  • Monthly pizza nights and tootsie rolls.
  • It can be crowded during peak hours.
  • It might not cater to serious bodybuilders.

My Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness has carved a niche in the fitness world by offering unique, cheap rates and budget-friendly gym experiences.

While it serves its target audience well, it is clear that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Every gym has a distinct identity, and Planet Fitness is no exception.

Rather than focusing solely on the criticism, it is essential to consider the broader picture and recognize that its approach resonates with many, even if it diverges from traditional gym norms.


Q: Why does Planet Fitness have a terrible reputation?

Ans: Some people think Planet Fitness is not serious about fitness because they offer pizza and don’t like loud weightlifting.

Q: Is Planet Fitness not good?

Ans: It depends on what you want. For essential exercise, it’s good. For heavy weightlifting, maybe not.

Q: Does Planet Fitness not allow bodybuilders?

Ans: Bodybuilders can go to Planet Fitness, but the gym doesn’t have a lot of heavyweights, and loud lifting can set off an alarm.

Q: How many people don’t go to Planet Fitness?

Ans: Many people sign up but don’t go often. The exact numbers vary.

Q: Who goes to the gym more, male or female?

Ans: It can change from place to place, but both men and women enjoy going to the gym. Sometimes, it’s equal; sometimes, there might be more of one than the other.


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