Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans In 2023

Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans?

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Ah, the idea of family fitness! This concept brings to mind active group jogs, competitive sibling feuds on the treadmill, and even a few family plank challenges. 

Planet Fitness, a widely known fitness chain, is often the gym of choice for many. 

Yet, the question remains. Does Planet Fitness offer family plans? This article will illustrate this question and guide you through the ins and outs of gym memberships with Planet Fitness.

Why Consider a Family Plan?

Working out as a family is more than just a fun bonding activity. 

It is also cost-effective and provides the social support needed to stay on track.

 Imagine not having to prompt family members to hit the gym. 

Instead, you are all part of this fitness journey, boosting each other to reach those goals.

Planet Fitness at a Glance

You may already be familiar with Planet Fitness, a gym that prides itself on offering a ‘judgment-free zone.’ They provide:

  • Classic membership plans.
  • State-of-the-art gym equipment.
  • Even specialty items like the rowing machine.

But how do they cater to families?

Does Planet Fitness Offer Family Plans?

Planet Fitness does not offer a family plan. Yes, you read that perfectly. 

But do not keep your heart. It provides options worth thinking about.


Family members can still work out together with options like the Black Card membership. 

The bring a guest feature allows you to get a guest.

This fitness training method makes Planet Fitness unique among gym memberships.

The Financial Aspect

Concerned about breaking the bank? The PF Black Card offers additional luxuries but a higher price than the Classic membership. 

Still, it is a price many are willing to pay for the added luxuries.

The Amenities

Planet Fitness provides a complete range of workout options, from essential gym gear to advanced machinery. 

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Planet Fitness Family Plan Membership

First, the Classic Membership at Planet Fitness will set you back about £10 per month per person. 

It’s a basic package that offers access to your local club and free fitness training. No frills, but functional.

Moving up a notch, the Black Card Membership costs around £22.99 per month per individual. 

This upscale option gives you worldwide access to all Planet Fitness clubs, the ability to bring guests, and even some luxury extras like massage chairs and tanning.

Now, Planet Fitness has yet to offer Family Plans officially.

Yet, you can either sign up multiple family members on the Classic Membership or use the guest privileges with the Black Card Membership. 

Read the fine print for hidden fees or guidelines, and make the most of your plan.

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The Black Card Membership

Ah, the Black Card Membership. It is not just a credit card. It is a golden ticket to the high life. 

You can not use it. You have to be invited. Imagine that, getting a VIP call-up from life itself!

Black Card Membership 

Once you are in, your spending power skyrockets. Need a private jet? No problem. 

Dreaming of a last-minute qualm at a fully secured restaurant? Consider it done. Your guard is on call 24/7, making gifts occur.

But hold your horses! The cost is vertical. We are talking annual fees that will make your eyes water. Still, if you have got the cash to squirt, why not?

The Black Card is not just about buying stuff—it is a status symbol and a lifestyle. 

So, while the rest of us call cabs in the rain, Black Card holders move through life in the VIP lane. Ah, the perks of the select few.

Real Experiences

Despite lacking dedicated family plans, we spoke to several families who found the Black Card membership beneficial. 

They enjoy the broad range of fitness gym options, including thing classes. 

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While Planet Fitness does not offer family plans, its flexible membership options still make it possible for families to work out together. 

They also provide a myriad of family-friendly amenities.

My Final Thoughts

Simply put, Planet Fitness may not provide a specific family plan, but its features can still suit families who want to essay on a fitness journey together. 

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The ball is now in your court. Will you opt for Planet Fitness for your family’s fitness needs? It is worth considering.


Q: Can a couple share a Planet Fitness membership?

 Ans: Yes, a couple can share a Planet Fitness membership

 Q: Can I add my husband to my Planet Fitness membership?

Ans: You can add your husband to your Planet Fitness membership.

 Q: Can you add someone to your Planet Fitness?

 Ans: Yes, You can add someone to your Planet Fitness membership.

 Q: Can my daughter come with me to Planet Fitness?

 Ans: Yes, Your daughter can come with you to Planet Fitness.

Q: Does Planet Fitness have family plans?

Ans: No, Planet Fitness does not offer family plans. Options include multiple Classic Memberships or a Black Card Membership with guest requests. Check the fine print for fees.


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