Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare Service 2023

Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare
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Planet Fitness, with its rapidly growing company in the fitness landscape, often becomes the go-to for multiple family members.

Catering to a wide variety of people, one question often asked is whether Planet Fitness provides a solution for busy parents: Does it offer childcare services?

Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare?

Planet Fitness, known for its accessible and affordable gym model, does not offer childcare services. This finding aligns with their specific process for fitness facilities. 

Parents looking to work out at Planet Fitness must make alternate setups for their children. The lack of childcare may impact some family members’ choice to join or look elsewhere.

Planet Fitness is often bundled into two types: The basic and the black card membership. Despite the low membership costs, childcare is not part of the offerings.

Why Planet Fitness Avoid Children

why planet fitness avoid childcare

Planet Fitness prioritizes a streamlined and simplified gym experience for its members. They can maintain a constant environment and keep membership fees low by avoiding childcare services. 

Offering childcare would require additional space, staff, and resources, potentially needing clarification on their Judgment Free Zone model.

Then, How to Care for My Baby In Planet Fitness

Finding the right balance between fitness and parenting at Planet Fitness can be difficult due to the absence of childcare. Yet, here are some alternatives for kids care in PF.

  1. Arrange playdates
  2. Hire a babysitter
  3. Use a daycare center.
  4. Opt for digital workouts.
  5. Collaborate with gym friends.

Why Childcare Matters in Fitness Centers

In today’s fast-paced world, the busy parent often juggles multiple roles. A gym that offers childcare becomes an oasis. Facilities like LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym include such services, understanding the lure for parents. 

It extends workout times, reduces parental stress, and can significantly boost membership numbers.

Options and Solutions for Parent Gym-Goers

If you are set on Planet Fitness but need childcare, fret not. Some options include: let us delve.

  1. Gyms with childcare: As mentioned, gyms like LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym offer these services, though they might come with additional fees.
  2. Community Centers: Often, they provide workout facilities and childcare.
  3. Babysitting Collaborations: Partner with fellow parents for shared babysitting during gym times.
  4. Digital Workouts: An increasingly popular alternative, workout at home while your child is present.

Other Gyms Offering Childcare

Gyms are increasingly recognizing the importance of childcare. Fitness clubs like LA Fitness offer this and provide safety through relentless background checks. Yet, always ask about any additional fees.

Which Gyms are Offering Kids Care Program

For busy parents, finding a gym catering to their children’s needs can be a game-changer. Several gyms understand this need and offer childcare services. 

Here are some of the Gyms offering this service for busy parents. Lets Delve.

  1. LA Fitness
  2. Gold’s Gym
  3. Lifetime Fitness
  4. 24 Hour Fitness
  5. YMCA
  6. Crunch Fitness
  7. The Little Gym
  8. Club Fitness
  9. Town Sports International
  10. Kids First Sports Center

(Note: Including a gym on this list does not guarantee that every location of that gym chain offers childcare. Always check with individual sites. After Decide which is best for you)


In summary, while Planet Fitness stands out for its affordability and welcoming atmosphere, it does not cater to the parental segment looking for childcare. 

Parents must look elsewhere, be it another fitness center, hiring a babysitter, or welcoming home workouts. Still, it is always worth reconsidering their offerings as services grow with time and demand.

My Final Thoughts

Finding the right gym is a personal journey, layered with many considerations, specifically for parents. While Planet Fitness might not tick the childcare box today, who knows what the future holds? Stay tuned, stay fit, and always prioritize what works best for your family.

Did you know, for instance, that anyone under 13 cannot hold a membership at Planet Fitness? Being informed about all facets of a potential gym is essential, providing it aligns with your family’s needs.

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Q: Can kids go to the gym?

Ans: Yes, many gyms allow kids, but age rules and specific kid-friendly areas vary by gym.

Q: What is the youngest age for Planet Fitness?

Ans: Members must be at least 13 years old to join Planet Fitness, with parental consent required if they are under 18.

Q: Can you bring 2 guests to Planet Fitness with a black card?

Ans: No, a black card membership at Planet Fitness allows you to get only one guest per visit.

Q: Can your black card guest go without you?

Ans: No, the black cardholder must be present for their guest to access the gym.

Q: Can I bring the same guest every day to Planet Fitness?

Ans: Yes, with a black card membership, you can get the same or a different guest every day.


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