Why Does Planet Fitness Have Tootsie Rolls?

Why does Planet Fitness have tootsie rolls?

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Why does Planet Fitness have Tootsie Rolls?

It is a unique touch that sets them apart. At Planet Fitness, Tootsie Rolls symbolize balance and moderation. 

After a good workout, a small treat serves as a reward and a reminder that submitting occasionally is okay.

This motion supports the gym’s friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere, highlighting that fitness is about balance, not ideal.

Planet Fitness and Its Unique Offerings

Planet Fitness stands out in the gym industry for its comfort environment, the Judgement Free Zone, and incredible offerings like Tootsie Rolls. 

But have you ever wondered why? We dive deep into this fun secret.

When you enter a Planet Fitness gym, you might notice an incredible sight – a bowl of Tootsie Rolls sitting at the front desk.

At first glimpse, it seems counterintuitive for a fitness center to offer candy to its members. 

But there is more to this contradictory gesture than meets the eye.

This blog post will analyze the question: Why does Planet Fitness have Tootsie Rolls? Let us solve the reasons behind this strange gym perk.

History of the Tootsie Roll

The Tootsie Roll, a bite-sized candy, has been an American favorite for over a century. Introduced in 1907, it is remembered for its chewy surface and chocolate flavor.

Why Tootsie Rolls at Planet Fitness?

A Rewarding Gym Experience

Offering Tootsie Rolls is a way to make the workout experience more rewarding.

A sweet treat can boost gymgoers and make the experience less rough.

Marketing Tactic

Planet Fitness distinguishes itself from traditional gyms. Adding Tootsie Rolls is a unique marketing tactic, making it unique for possible members.

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere

Planet Fitness promotes a stress-free environment. A simple candy like the Tootsie Roll can add a touch of home, making rookies feel more at ease.

Social Interaction and Community Building

Fitness journeys are often more enjoyable when shared with others. The Tootsie Roll bowl is a talk starter, allowing members to work with staff and fellow gymgoers.

This simple exchange fosters a sense of society, making the gym a place not just for workouts but for relationships as well.

Psychological Impact on Gymgoers

The sight of Tootsie Rolls can start positive emotions and memories, thanks to their relationship with rewards and childhood.

It can create a mental link between the gym experience and positive feelings, motivating individuals to return to the gym. 

The brain’s reward system responds to small treats, reinforcing the sense of accomplishment after a workout.

Reward System and Member Retention

Planet Fitness strategically uses Tootsie Rolls as part of its reward system. 

After a challenging workout, enjoying a small treat can feel like a satisfying luxury.

This practice improves member joy and increases the chance of long-term devotion to the gym.

The feeling of balance between fitness and enjoyment can stop burnout.

Cons of Offering Tootsie Rolls

While the presence of Tootsie Rolls has its merits, there are potential drawbacks.

Some individuals may struggle to fight indulging in candy after a workout, damaging their fitness goals.

Also, for those with dietary rules or health concerns, the availability of sugary treats might be less appealing.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Pizza?

At Planet Fitness, pizza represents their belief in a balanced lifestyle. 

Once a month, they offer free pizza to members, highlighting that fitness is not about poverty but moderation and enjoyment.

This unique process creates a relaxed atmosphere, showing that treating yourself while on a fitness journey is right.

Pros & Cons


  • Creates a relaxed gym atmosphere
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Positively impacts psychological
  • Enhances reward system


  • This can lead to unhealthy snacking habits.
  • It might not align with dietary preferences.
  • Could hinder fitness goals for some individuals
  • Potential conflict with health-conscious members

My Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness’s decision to provide Tootsie Rolls at their gyms goes beyond the surface. 

It is a strategic move to create a welcoming atmosphere, foster connections, and offer a simple reward that can positively impact fitness’s psychological and emotional aspects.

By mixing fitness with luxury, Planet Fitness strikes a balance that keeps its members motivated and engaged.

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Q: Does Planet Fitness give out candy?

Ans: Planet Fitness offers candies like Tootsie Rolls at their locations.

Q: Why do some people not like Planet Fitness?

Ans: Some individuals prefer more intense workouts and find Planet Fitness too relaxed or lacking specialized equipment.

Q: Why are there no sandals at Planet Fitness?

Ans: For safety reasons, sandals are prohibited to prevent accidents and ensure proper foot support during exercises.

Q: What is a Lunk alert?

Ans: A Lunk alert is a siren at Planet Fitness that sounds off when someone drops weights loudly, grunts excessively, or exhibits intimidating behaviors.

Q: What is a no-lunk policy?

Ans: The “No Lunk” policy at Planet Fitness promotes a judgment-free zone, discouraging behaviors that might intimidate or disturb other members.


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