Planet Fitness Bar Weight Techniques 2023

Planet Fitness Bar Weight

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Planet Fitness has carved a unique niche within the fitness industry by providing welcoming conditions for people of all fitness levels. 

One of the critical parts of working out efficiently is understanding the specifications of gym equipment. 

This is mainly true for Planet Fitness, where the bar weight of gym equipment like the Smith machine might counter from other gyms. 

This blog will explain everything you need to know about bar weights at Planet Fitness.

What Is Planet Fitness Bar Weight? 

Planet Fitness Bar Weight refers to the standard weight of the barbell used at Planet Fitness gyms.

A barbell is a long metal bar to which you can add weights on each end. This barbell’s importance at Planet Fitness is usually around 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms).

Knowing this weight is important because it helps you calculate the total weight you lift when adding more importance to the bar.

The Basics of Barbell Training

Barbells are essential tools for strength training. Knowing the bar’s weight is crucial, as it now affects the total weight you lift and your training results. 

Different barbells have different goals, but the two most common are the Olympic barbell and the bar used in the Smith machine. 

The weight of a barbell, whether free weights or united to a Smith machine, is an important starting point for any lifting routine.

Planet Fitness Bar Weight: The Specifics

An Olympic barbell weighs around 45 lbs, standard across most gyms. 

However, Planet Fitness’s Smith machine bar weight is often lighter, around 20 lbs. Planet Fitness Smith machines were invented to be more approachable for beginners. 

They provide consistent knowledge across locations and reduce the risk of overtraining or injury for those new to lifting.

How Planet Fitness’s Bar Weight Affects Your Workout

When lifting at Planet Fitness, knowing the bar weight is required to estimate the weight plates needed for your workout. 

The starting weight of the bar impacts the progressive overload you’re aiming for in your training. 

Adjusting your routine when transitioning from or to another gym with different bar weights is essential.

Moreover, lighter starting consequences, like those on the Smith machines at Planet Fitness, can be psychologically more inviting for those new to lifting.

Benefits of Using Planet Fitness’s Barbells

Benefits of Using Planet Fitness's Barbells
Benefits of Using Planet Fitness’s Barbells

Using a Smith machine, such as the Hammer Strength Smith machine, at Planet Fitness can benefit beginners. 

The controlled environment of a Smith machine allows for safer, guided movements. 

The lighter bar weight makes the machines at Planet Fitness more approachable for newcomers and lowers the risk of injuries.

Considerations and Tips

When lifting at Planet Fitness, ensure you choose the correct weight for your goals. 

Adjust your lifting technique based on the importance of the bar, and always prioritize proper form. 

The barbell weighs less on a Planet Fitness Smith machine, so be mindful of this when transitioning to free weights or other gyms.


  • Standardized
  • Maintained
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Available
  • Safe


  • Limited
  • Inflexible
  • Non-Standard
  • Inconsistent
  • Crowded

My Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness offers a unique method to bar weight in its Smith machines. It features a lighter 20-pound bar than most gyms’ regular 45-pound Olympic barbell.

This lighter weight makes the gym a perfect choice for beginners, providing less rough and safer conditions for those new to lifting.

Yet, the decreased weight might be easier for more skilled lifters, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just beginning out.

Understanding your kit, changing your activities to your needs, and prioritizing good form and safety are essential.

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Try out Planet Fitness and research barbell exercises safely and knowledgeably.

[FAQs about Planet Fitness Bar Weight]

Q: How much does the Planet Fitness bar weigh?

Ans: The bar at Planet Fitness, especially on the Smith machine, weighs about 20 pounds.

Q: What is the weight of the bar on a Smith machine? 

Ans: The bar typically weighs around 20 pounds on a Smith machine. But it can vary just founded on the model of the device.

Q: How heavy is the bar at the gym in kg? 

Ans: A classic Olympic bar at the gym usually weighs about 20 kilograms, which is equal to 45 pounds.

Q: How much does the barbell weigh? 

Ans: A classic barbell, often used in gyms, usually weighs around 45 pounds or 20 kilograms.

Q: Are barbells 20 or 25 kg? 

Ans: Most barbells are 20 kilograms, equal to 45 pounds. However, weightier barbells weigh 25 kilograms, but these are small.

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