Does Planet Fitness Have Towels? Beginner Guide 2023

Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

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If you are a fitness fan or person keen to join the wellness journey, you likely heard of Planet Fitness. 

As one of the most popular gyms nationwide, it is known for its accessibility, budget-friendly membership, and judgment-free environment. 

But here is a question many people find themselves asking.

Does Planet Fitness have towels?

Yes, have. Whether you want to wipe down tools after use or need one for a refreshing post-workout shower, towel availability at Planet Fitness is a reasonable concern. 

Let’s dive into our complete beginner’s guide to answer this question and provide all the information you need about this service.

Planet Fitness and Towel Service

Planet Fitness and Towel Service

In reply to our focus question, Does Planet Fitness have towels? The short answer is yes. off course

Yet, the specifics can change depending on the gym’s location and the membership type you have. 

Some Planet Fitness locations offer towel service, but they usually come as a perk of their premium membership known as the Black Card Membership.

Planet Fitness and Towel Service

While it is a relief to know towels are available at some locations, it is essential to check with your local branch to confirm the specifics, as this may need to be a standardized benefit.

Why Towel Service?

Providing towel service in fitness centers like Planet Fitness is more than a luxury. 

It plays a critical role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It is essential in a gym setting, where sweat is a part of the deal. 

Members can use the towels later to wipe down the equipment, enabling a clean and healthy workout environment.

Moreover, if your local Planet Fitness has showers, a towel service ensures you do not have to carry wet, sweaty towels back home. 

It is a comfort that complements the other luxuries that Planet Fitness offers.

You might also wonder about amenities: Does Planet Fitness have a sauna? Or does Planet Fitness have WiFi? It is good to know that your training space meets your needs.

Does Planet Fitness have Free Towels?

You were thinking, Does Planet Fitness offer free towels? Before starting your fitness experience with them. The answer to this question is complex and largely reliant on specific franchise guidelines. 

Does Planet Fitness have Free Towels?

Towel service is offered at some fitness center locations. Yet, it is often only available to Black Card Members who pay a fee.

Yet, even for Black Card members, towels may not be accessible. There could be a minor rental fee applied. 

Given this variability, the best action is to contact your local Planet Fitness for specifics about their towel service. 

Despite the tension surrounding towel availability, Planet Fitness offers a fantastic selection of fitness equipment, professional trainers, and an inclusive, judgment-free atmosphere.

The fact or absence of free towels should enable you to enjoy a healthy workout experience. 

As always, remember the goal of your gym visit is to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Planet Fitness aims to provide an environment that fosters this purpose, whether it has free towels or not.

What Other Amenities Does Planet Fitness Offer?

Planet Fitness prides itself on being a fitness center for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness buff. 

Apart from the possibility of a towel service, there are various other comforts and services that Planet Fitness offers.

For instance, “Does Planet Fitness have showers?” The answer is a deep yes, making it an excellent option for those who prefer working out before heading to work or during lunch breaks.

If you feel a membership for the whole family, you might wonder, “Does Planet Fitness have family plans?” They do appeal to families who place a high value on physical fitness.

For younger fans, “Can a 12-year-old go to Planet Fitness?” is a valid concern. Usually, Planet Fitness allows minors to work, but with some conditions.

Planet Fitness also caters to your specific workout preferences. If you prefer weightlifting, you might wonder, “Does Planet Fitness have a bench press?” Yes, it does. 

But what if you need guidance? “Does Planet Fitness have personal trainers?” Again, yes, they provide this service as well.

You may be more of a group workout person. Then you might ask, “Does Planet Fitness have Zumba Classes?” Yes, and you can shake to the beat while burning calories!

Pros & Cons


  • No Towel Packing
  • Stay Sweat-free
  • Equipment Hygiene
  • Less Laundry


  • Peak Hour Limits
  • Gym-reliant
  • Included Cost

My Final Thoughts

While Planet Fitness may or may not offer towel services at every location, it is clear that its facilities cater to a wide range of needs. 

They strive to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment that enables members to reach their fitness goals. 

So, whether it is WiFi, personal trainers, or possibly towels, Planet Fitness aims to offer you more than just workout gear.

Always check with your local branch for specific offerings, and enjoy your fitness journey!

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Q: Does Planet Fitness have gym towels?

Ans: Some Planet Fitness locations provide gym towels, usually associated with their premium Black Card Membership.

Q: Does Planet Fitness have hand towels?

Ans: Hand towels may be available at certain Planet Fitness locations, depending on the specific comforts of that branch.

Q: Do I bring my towel to the gym?

Ans: While some gyms provide towels, obtaining your own is often a good idea to confirm availability and personal hygiene.

Q: Can you use the bathroom in Planet Fitness?

Ans: Clearly, you can use the bathroom facilities at Planet Fitness whenever you need during your workout session.

Q: Do gyms provide towels for showers?

Ans: Some gyms provide towels for showers, but this can vary by location and membership level, so it is always best to check with your local gym.


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