Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? Yes or Not

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?Hello everyone, Top Fitness Team is here. This article will tell you about Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers showers only for its members at all locations. One of the primary highlights of Planet Fitness is its commitment to member privacy and comfort. 

The gym provides different locker rooms and shower facilities for both men and women. These well-maintained facilities feature private stalls with full-length shower curtains, giving members maximum privacy while freshening up after workouts.

The cleanliness of the showers is important at Planet Fitness. The staff takes excellent care in often cleaning and sanitizing the shower areas, providing a clean and satisfying background for all members.

In addition to the shower luxuries, the locker rooms boast full and half-length lockers. Yet, it is essential to note that members must bring their locks to ensure their belongings.

The lockers are available only for use during your time at the gym, providing everyone can access them when needed. It is important to remember that Planet Fitness does not offer long-term locker rentals.

So, keeping your things in the lockers after your workout session would be best. Providing lockers for all members when they visit the gym is part of keeping a fair and inclusive atmosphere.

Showering at the gym benefits commuters rushing to work and is suitable for them. There are additional benefits beyond comfort. Research has shown that post-workout showers can aid muscle recovery and improve future workout performance.

So, above the apparent comfort factor, using the batteries at Planet Fitness can ultimately impact your fitness journey.

What are the Shower Rules on Planet Fitness?

While the official Planet Fitness website does not explicitly state the rules for showering, there are clear signs that guide people on proper shower manners. These signs are created to be easily understood by anyone with common sense. 

Respecting the person currently using the showers and their belongings is essential. If you finish your shower and discover some items that need to be included, contact the Planet Fitness staff. 

In those situations, they can help you as much as possible. Yet, knowing that the company wo not be responsible if anything you lose or gets stolen is essential.

General, while the same showering rules might not be explicitly drafted on the Planet Fitness website, the gym must take proper shower manners, as shown by the signs. 

Respecting others’ privacy and belongings is essential to keeping a balanced gym environment. And in case of any issues, the staff is there to offer their assistance. 

Remember to take unique responsibility for your belongings to provide a smooth and enjoyable gym experience.

Does Planet Fitness Provide towels for the Shower point?

Does Planet Fitness provide towels for the shower point?

Planet Fitness does not provide towels in the shower area for members and guests.

To ensure a relaxing shower experience, everyone needs to bring their towels. 

While some Planet Fitness locations may have towels available for purchase if you need to remember yours, it is best to be ready and get your own.

Remember to bring your towel to ensure you have a friendly and hygienic shower at Planet Fitness without any worries.

Does Planet Fitness provide Shampoo or Soap?

At Planet Fitness, they value your privacy and comfort, offering proper shower areas for members at all their locations.

Does Planet Fitness provide shampoo or soap?

Regarding shower amenities, it is essential to note that Planet Fitness does not provide soap or shampoo.

To ensure a pleasant and personalized shower experience, members are kindly asked to bring their toiletries, including soaps, shampoo, or body wash.

Remember, the duty of getting your toiletries lies with the members. So, when you visit the gym and use the showers, pack your toiletries when you leave.

A significant concern is keeping the shower areas tidy and ready for the next member. Apart from the shower facilities, the locker rooms at Planet Fitness boast both full and half-length lockers.

Yet, remember to bring your lock to secure your belongings. The lockers are meant for temporary use during gym sessions, providing fair access for all members.

It is important to stress that Planet Fitness does not offer long-term locker rentals. Thus, not taking personal items out of the lockers after your workout is essential.

Maintaining a fair and inclusive environment means making the lockers available for all members when they visit the gym.

Showering at the gym benefits those with busy schedules. It has also aided muscle recovery and improved future workout performance. So, besides the comfort factor, utilizing Planet Fitness’s showers can impact your fitness journey.

Do not Forget this:

Pros and Cons 


  • Convenient
  • No extra cost
  • Clean


  • Not at all locations
  • May close for health reasons
  • Can be crowded

My Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness usually offers showers, making it suitable for post-workout freshening or those heading to work.

Yet, availability can vary by location, so checking your local gym’s offerings is smart.

Amid health concerns like COVID-19, some facilities might temporarily close showers. Generally, showers are a valuable extra for many members.


Q: Can I shower at Planet Fitness?

Ans: You can shower at Planet Fitness with an active membership. The shower facilities are naturally clean and well-maintained.

Q: Are there shower towels at Planet Fitness?

Ans: Towel service varies by location. Some facilities may offer towels for an additional fee, while others may not provide them at all.

Q: Does Planet Fitness have a pool?

Ans: No, Planet Fitness usually does not offer pools. They focus on providing a simple, no-frills gym experience.

Q: Does Planet Fitness have a punching bag?

Ans: The availability of pounding bags can counter from one location to another. Some may offer them as part of their functional fitness or 30-minute express areas.

Q: Why does Planet Fitness not allow bags on the floor?

Ans: Bags are generally not allowed on the floor for safety and cleanliness reasons. This policy helps to prevent tripping risks and maintains a neat workout space.


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