Tanning at Planet Fitness { Complete Guide}

Tanning At Planet Fitness

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Tanning at Planet Fitness

In the kingdom of fitness and beauty, Planet Fitness stands out for its judgment-free zone philosophy and incredible comforts, including tanning beds at Planet Fitness. 

For those looking to gain a golden glow after their workouts, Planet Fitness offers a suitable solution.

Understanding Planet Fitness and Its Offerings

Planet Fitness is different from your typical gym. Apart from the usual treadmills and weights, the gym also offers tanning facilities that make it stand out. 

Their special offer is incorporated into their membership tiers, particularly the black card memberships, which provide members-only help, including indoor tanning.

Why Tanning at Planet Fitness Makes Sense

Choosing the tanning salon at Planet Fitness over technical tanning studios involves three main factors: comfort, cost, and variety. 

Tanning at Planet Fitness

Members can hire in a tanning session right after their workout. This seamless integration of fitness and beauty facilities makes the whole process effortless.

Also, the Planet Fitness tanning beds are an add-on feature for black card memberships, making it a cost-effective option for regular tanners.

Benefits of Tanning Beds:

  • Controlled Environment: Allows for consistent UV exposure.
  • Quick Tan: Achieve desired skin tone faster than natural sunbathing.
  • Even Tan: Minimized tan lines and uniform color.
  • Convenience: Indoor tanning, regardless of outdoor conditions.
  • Mood Boost: Potential increase in endorphin levels.
  • Vitamin D Production: UVB rays stimulate vitamin D synthesis.
  • Skin Conditions: This can aid in improving certain skin conditions, like psoriasis.
  • Customization: Ability to control intensity and duration for desired results.

Note: While there are benefits to tanning beds, they also have risks associated with long UV exposure. It is essential to use them responsibly and with restraint.

Tanning Rules In Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness enforces rules to provide safety and justice for all its tanning users. These rules have age rules, required use of protecting eyewear, and loyalty to suggested session lengths. 

Members are also prompted to introduce themselves to the tanning equipment and to seek advice from staff members if they need clarification on any method.

How Much is Tanning at Planet Fitness

The cost of tanning at Planet Fitness is typically included in the Black Card membership. This membership tier comes with several perks, including unlimited access to tanning services. 

The actual price might vary depending on location and promotions. Still, generally, Black Card members enjoy this service without additional fees.

How to Use Tanning at Planet Fitness

To use the tanning services at Planet Fitness, members need to first check in at the front desk. Staff members will then direct them to the available tanning beds or booths.

Once inside, follow the teachings provided on the machine, providing you with protecting eyewear. Always confer with a staff member if you need clarification on the settings or time.

How Does Tanning at Planet Fitness Work

Planet Fitness offers stand-up booths and lay-down tanning beds, which use UV light to produce melanin in the skin, leading to a tan. 

The machines are created to provide a controlled amount of UV direction, allowing members to get a tan over multiple sessions.

Tanning at Planet Fitness Hours

Tanning services at Planet Fitness are available during their regular operating hours. Yet, the exact timings can vary by location. 

Check with your local branch for specific tanning hours or if they have peak times when it might be more active.

Can Guests Use Tanning at Planet Fitness

Guests at Planet Fitness, typically those coming with Black Card members under the guest pass perk, are not usually allowed to use the tanning services. 

Only the primary member holding the Black Card can access these services.

How Much is Tanning at Planet Fitness Without a Black Card

Usually, tanning services at Planet Fitness are exclusive to Black Card members. Imagine a person who does not have a Black Card membership. 

In that case, they might not be able to access the tanning facilities or be required to pay an additional fee, depending on the gym’s policy. It is best to check with the specific location for details.

Safety Above All

Safety is essential when it comes to tanning, especially given the potentially harmful effects of UV rays. At Planet Fitness, staff members inform users about the tanning process. 

Eye protection is required to protect your eyes from potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The controlled environment within the stand-up tanning booths and beds at Planet Fitness means users can tailor their tanning session to achieve the perfect tan without overusing themselves.

Comparing Tanning Options

There are various types of tanning, and while outdoor sunbathing has value, indoor tanning allows for a controlled amount of time under UV rays. 

It means you can gain that wanted tan at Planet Fitness more accurately, primarily when you reach the unexpected nature of sunbathing. 

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Are You Intrusted Then Read More:


  • Cost-effective.
  • Time-saving.
  • Increased accessibility.
  • Enhanced features.
  • User-friendly.


  • Limited customization.
  • Potential risks.
  • Maintenance required.
  • Limited support.
  • Learning curve.

Summary & Final Thoughts

Regarding the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, it is a viable option to follow the perfect tan. The blend of convenience, variety, and safety gives members value for their money. 

Yet, as with any exposure to UV rays, caution and moderation are recommended. And if you want to see other skin enhancement results, the Red Light Therapy Before And After is worth reading.

Gaining a tan post-workout might sound strange, but it’s another reason Planet Fitness remains a unique fitness hub. 

With trained staff, multiple types of tanning booths, and safety at the forefront, members can confidently aim for that golden glow.


Q: What Can you get a tan at Planet Fitness?

Ans: Planet Fitness offers tanning services for its members as part of certain memberships.

Q: Does Planet Fitness have fake tanning?

Ans: Planet Fitness provides absolute UV tanning beds and booths, not spray or fake tanning.

Q: Should I tan before or after working out at Planet Fitness?

Ans:  It is generally guided to tan after working out to avoid sweating and potentially unstable tanning.

Q: What is tanning in a gym?

Ans: Tanning in a gym refers to providing indoor tanning services within fitness facilities, like UV beds or booths.

Q: Is the tanning effect good or bad?

Ans: Tanning can give a desired golden glow, but excessive direction to UV rays poses health risks, making restraint key.


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