Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Benefits and Costs 2023

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Total Body Enhancement

Planet Fitness, a leading name in the fitness industry, has long been offering holistic wellness solutions for fitness enthusiasts. Among their offering is the unique Total Body Enhancement system. But what is it, and how can it benefit you?

Science Behind Total Body Enhancement

The Total Body Enhancement system at Planet Fitness combines the efficacy of red light therapy with the prowess of a vibration plate. 

The benefits of red light are various. It offers healing effects, helps burn fat, and boosts collagen production, helping to reduce the build-up of time marks.

The vibration plate, on the other hand, also known as the vibra shape, aids in weight loss, toning muscles, and improving blood circulation.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

Benefits Of Total Body Enhancement

This machine works wonders. Standard users have reported reduced joint pain and rash, while others stress its role in weight loss.

It is also helpful in improving skin texture tone and reducing the visibility of stretch marks. 

Also, there’s a particular mood height and energy boost post-session, which lasts only 12 minutes. Please note the device has a weight boundary of 300 lbs.

How to Use a Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

Utilizing the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness is clear. Users stand on a vibration plate that sends kinetic energy throughout the body, surrounded by a soothing red light.

This 12-minute session is a quick yet practical addition to one’s fitness routine. Using the machine 2-3 times per week is guided for optimal results.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Membership Costs

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement is a whole feature that combines a fitness membership with cutting-edge full-body enhancement technology. 

While membership prices vary by location, this premium service is typically included in the Black Card membership, ranging from $22 to $24.99 monthly. 

It gives you access to all the classic gym facilities plus the added benefits of the Total Body Enhancement booth, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to amplify their fitness journey.

(Note: I Guided For Help Purpose. Please confirm the latest Prices for the membership cost for his official website.) 

After 2 Months Of Total Body Enhancement

The transformation is great after two months of consistent Total Body Enhancement sessions. The skin becomes noticeably smoother and more radiant, and those persistent time marks fade away, boosting self-confidence. 

Muscles feel more essential and recover faster, allowing more intense and rewarding activities. Raising broad energy levels is complete, making staying motivated on the fitness travel easier.

Total Body Enhancement, with its blend of red light therapy and vibration plates, proves its use as an essential component of a holistic wellness routine, providing exact results within two months.

Comparison with Other Enhancement Systems

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine, accessible to Planet Fitness Black Card holders, is a beacon of invention in the fitness and wellness world.

Unlike regular tanning beds, this machine uses infrared light, which is believed to have healing properties and contribute to the overall fitness of users.

This whole feature is one of the many privileges of the coveted Black Card membership, a testament to the gym’s faith in providing top-tier amenities to its clients.

In meeting with the vibration plate, the point of the red light makes this a unique offering, setting it apart from the established methods used in other fitness centers.

This synergistic combination is designed to improve physical build and promote recovery and health, reinforcing Planet Fitness’s standing as a gym that cares for the holistic well-being of its members.

Safety and Recommendations

While many rave about the machine at Planet Fitness, it is crucial to be aware of possible side effects. Overuse might lead to muscle soreness. 

As with any fitness regimen, restraint is critical. Also, while the system helps lose weight and burn fat, it should complete a healthy lifestyle and not return it.

Pros And Cons


  • Time-saving
  • User-friendly
  • Results-oriented
  • Multi-purpose
  • Budget-friendly


  • Potential drawbacks
  • Financial Considerations
  • Learning curve
  • Possible adverse effects
  • Ongoing upkeep

My Final Thoughts

The Total Body Enhancement machine, exclusive to Planet Fitness gym, is an extreme addition to the fitness world. Incorporating the benefits of red light therapy and a vibration plate offers a holistic wellness approach. 

Interested in seeing actual results? Check out these before and after photos to see its effect.

Stay informed, stay fit, and confer with experts before launching any new fitness journey.


Q: What is the total body enhancement at Planet Fitness? 

Ans: Natural body enhancement at Planet Fitness is a machine that combines red light therapy with the whole-body beat to boost skin renewal and muscle recovery and improve overall wellness.

Q: How long does total body enhancement take at Planet Fitness?

Ans: An entire body enhancement session at Planet Fitness typically lasts 12 minutes.

Q: Can you wear clothes in total body enhancement? 

Ans: Yes, you can wear clothes during natural body enhancement. Still, wearing minimal clothing is guided to allow maximum direction to the red light.

Q: What are the benefits of Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness? 

Ans: Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness can help improve skin surface and tone, reduce the build of stretch marks, improve muscle recovery, boost energy, and offer therapeutic benefits like reduced joint pain and rash.

Q: Do you wear clothes in red light therapy? 

Ans: While wearing clothes during red light therapy, telling as much skin as possible is usually guided for maximum effectiveness.


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