Planet Fitness Vs La fitness: Review of Two Popular Gyms 2023

planet fitness vs la fitness
Hello everyone, Top Fitness Team is here. I will tell you about Planet Fitness Vs La Fitness in this article.

Overview of Both Gyms

Planet Fitness and LA Fitness are two leading gym chains many gymgoers consider for their fitness needs.

Planet Fitness offers an environment catering to beginners, highlighting a judgment-free zone.

They provide talents like cardio machines, locker rooms, and unique black card membership opportunities.

Planet Fitness locations are open widely across the country, providing easy access. On the other hand, LA Fitness targets a broad audience, including fitness fans.

Numerous LA Fitness locations offer various services, from steam rooms to free weights.

LA Fitness offers a more exclusive environment, adding to its appeal.

Membership Costs & Plans

Membership costs are crucial in the decision-making process for gym lovers.

Planet Fitness offers several membership levels, including the well-known black card membership.

This membership provides access to different perks at a reasonable annual fee. Single club membership is also known for local gym needs.

LA Fitness also offers different membership options with variable initiation and yearly fees.

They include single club membership and special group fitness classes.

LA Fitness offers a more expansive range of courses, which might be in demand by some people.

Gym Locations & Accessibility

Both fitness centers offer general access to their facilities.

Planet Fitness locations are open in many areas, even providing 24-hour access at selected locations.

This is an excellent benefit for gymgoers with flexible exercise times.

On the other hand, LA Fitness locations are strategically placed in urban and suburban areas.

They might not always provide 24-hour accessibility, but their fact in required areas makes them a suitable option for many.

Facilities & Equipment

Fitness lovers comparing Planet Fitness vs. LA Fitness will find distinct offerings in both chains. 

Planet Fitness emphasizes cardio machines, free weights, and black card membership, providing technical excesses. 

LA Fitness delivers powerful options, including free weights, steam rooms, and group fitness classes. 

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Amenities & Extras

Amenities play a crucial role in improving the gym experience. 

Planet Fitness offers relaxing options like massage chairs, whereas LA Fitness provides steam rooms and swimming pools. 

Both offer group fitness classes to energize gym goers, with LA Fitness showing various options.

Customer Service & Support

Both Planet Fitness and LA Fitness aim to provide excellent customer service. 

Whether you opt for Planet Fitness, known for its friendly staff and clean locker rooms, or LA Fitness, with its technical fitness offerings, the support and excesses can match different preferences.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Many gym goers enjoy the affordability and accessibility that Planet Fitness offers. 

The initiation fees are reasonable, and the 24-hour accessibility is a powerful magnet. 

Like steam rooms, LA Fitness‘s upscale conditions and excesses appeal to others.

Contract & Cancellation Policies

Both chains offer flexibility with initiation fees, single club membership options, and black card membership levels. 

Understanding the contract and cancellation guidelines can be required to make an informed conclusion.

Special Programs & Offers

Planet Fitness offers programs like the no-judgment philosophy, while LA Fitness offers unique technical training. 

Both desire to provide value-added services beyond traditional gym offerings.

Pros & Cons  Of Planet Fitness & La Fitness

Planet Fitness


  • Affordable membership and low fees
  • Many locations are open 24 hours
  • Beginner-friendly environment
  • Common initiation and annual fees
  • Common initiation and annual fees


  • Limited free weights and classes
  • No steam rooms or upscale amenities
  • Basic facilities
  • Limited membership options
  • It may lack the variety of severe enthusiasts.

LA Fitness

Pros Cons
Variety of facilities, including steam rooms Higher membership costs
Diverse group fitness classes Not all locations are open 24 hours
Upscale environment It may be intimidating for beginners
Multiple membership options Additional fees may apply
Many urban and suburban locations The setting may be too intense for some


Summary And Thoughts

The comparison between fitness and Planet Fitness shows distinct options catering to different needs. 

Whether it is the local gym comfort of Planet Fitness or the upscale offerings of LA Fitness, understanding each aspect, from membership costs to annual fees, is essential to making the best option.


Q: Which gym is better, Planet Fitness or LA Fitness?

Ans: Depending on your needs, Planet Fitness is budget-friendly, and LA Fitness for more luxuries.

Q: Why is Planet Fitness so famous?

Ans: is Known for its cheap, judgment-free mood.

Q: Is Gold’s Gym cheaper than LA Fitness?

Ans: Fees vary by location. Check local branches for pricing.

Q: Is Lifetime more expensive than LA Fitness?

Ans: Typically, yes, Lifetime offers more luxurious excesses.

Q: What are the weaknesses of LA Fitness?

Ans: Higher prices and potentially rough for beginners.