Why Planet Fitness Is Bad? Exploring the Facts and Myths 2023

Why Planet Fitness Is Bad?

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With multiple locations, Planet Fitness is famous for its judgment-free policy and cheap black card membership.

It is a gym developed for those who want to lose weight and begin their fitness journey without feeling intimidated.

Yet, a closer look at Planet Fitness Gyms shows many issues that make people doubt their efficacy.

From the quality of cardio and weight machines to the infamous lunk alarms, the perception of Planet Fitness has been controversial.

While many appreciate what they offer for free, some find wrong equipment, random fees, and a conflicting dress code a big deal

This post will delve into why Planet Fitness is often viewed negatively, reflecting on personal experiences and mentions.

The No Judgment Zone Paradox

At the front desk of Planet Fitness, you will all be greeted by the slogan “Judgment Free Zone.” While it appears to be asking, some members have needed clarification on this policy.

The judgment-free zone is supposed to create a welcoming environment, but the lunk alarms, which go off when someone drops weights or grunts, refuse this idea.

Some individuals who lift heavily weighted equipment or focus on building muscle find these alarms judgmental and disruptive.

Even the dress code at some Planet Fitness locations has been charged for needing consistency with the free zone air.

why planet fitness is bad

Why Is Planet Fitness Hated? Explores more on this topic.

Quality of Equipment and Facilities 

Planet Fitness offers a range of cardio and weight machines to help members lose weight and get fit.

However, analysts argue that the lack of free weights, such as a squat rack, and the emphasis on non-heavy weighted equipment hinder those wanting to build muscle.

The black card membership might be essential to multiple Planet Fitness locations.

Still, some find the quality and variety of equipment needing improvement.

Also, the need for specific tools that serious lifters use, like drop weights or free weights, can be a significant weakness for those aiming for intensive training.

The Membership Model 

The offer of free trials and black card membership options seem attractive.

Still, the actual membership experience at Planet Fitness might take more work.

Some members have reported hidden fees and complexities in canceling memberships.

The big deal about planet fitness involves more than economic factors.

The cancellation method and lack of clarity have been major pain points for many.

Lack of Professional Guidance

While some Planet Fitness locations may provide personal training, it could be more generic and tailored to individual needs.

This lack of personal training can affect those who wish to build muscle, lose weight, or need advice on using heavy-weighted tools.

With the right direction, members may help from the public cardio and weight machines.

Fitness Culture and Environment

The culture at Planet Fitness Gyms is desired at being held. Still, lunk alarms and specific dress code rules have divided members.

Some argue that these policies hinder an environment helping with serious fitness training. 

While the judgment-free guarantee aims to attract beginners, the performance sometimes needs to be improved.

My Final Thoughts

The growing popularity of Planet Fitness has ignited a debate over its actual value. 

While many enjoy the accessibility and judgment-free conditions, others find defects in the planet’s fitness locations, equipment, training support, and policies like lunk alarms.

Selecting a gym that suits your needs is a big deal, so careful research and trial visits are instructed.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or enjoy a comfortable gym environment, understanding what Planet Fitness can and cannot offer is essential.

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Your experience may vary with Planet Fitness. Share your thoughts or research on why Planet Fitness has faced objection in our related blog post: “Why Is Planet Fitness Hated?”

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Q: Is Planet Fitness good to work out at? 

Ans: Planet Fitness is popular for general fitness needs, offering a range of devices and weights. It is often seen as a budget-friendly and welcoming place to exercise.

Q: Are Planet Fitness machines worth it? 

Ans: Although not high-end, Planet Fitness’s machines are usually thought suitable for most users. They provide various options for weight loss and overall fitness.

Q: Why is Planet Fitness so famous? 

Ans: Known for its “Judgement Free Zone” and cheap memberships, Planet Fitness attracts a broad audience. Being open 24/7 in many locations also adds to its favor.

Q: Is it easy to quit Planet Fitness? 

Ans: Stopping Planet Fitness might need in-person visits or a certified letter. Leaning on the contract, some find it easy, while others see it as an inconvenience.

Q: How many people do not go to Planet Fitness? 

Ans: It is hard to state an even number of non-attendees, as this differs by location. Like most gyms, Planet Fitness has regular attendees and those who rarely or never visit.


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