Is Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving?

Is Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving?
Is Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving?
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Many wonder about our gym routines, specifically Planet Fitness, as Thanksgiving approaches. Will your local Planet Fitness gym remain open on this festive day? 

This blog post delves into the Thanksgiving Day hours of Planet Fitness locations, helping you easily plan your holiday workouts. Stay tuned as we discover whether you can keep up with your fitness rule on Turkey Day!

Is Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving

Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving
Planet Fitness Closed On Thanksgiving

Whether Planet Fitness is open on Thanksgiving varies by location. Some gyms may stick to their 24-hour plan, while others could be closed or have reduced hours. 

It is essential to check with your local Planet Fitness for specific holiday hours. This process allows members to plan their Thanksgiving workouts accordingly.

Planet Fitness Thanksgiving Hours

When it comes to Thanksgiving Day hours, Planet Fitness locations may vary. While some Planet Fitness gyms may remain open to adjust to the holiday rush, others might be closed or have reduced hours. 

This decision is often left to the discretion of individual franchise owners. For the most proper information, it is recommended to check the official Planet Fitness website or contact your local Planet Fitness now.

Planet Fitness Schedule In Holiday

SN Date  Holiday  PF Hours 
1 11-Nov, 2023 Thanksgiving Eve Open 24 Hours
2 11-Nov, 2023 Thanksgiving Day Open 24 Hours
3 10-Oct, 2023 Halloween Open 24 Hours
4 02-Feb, 2023 Valentine’s Day Open 24 Hours
5 06-Jun, 2023 Flag Day Open 24 Hours
6 12-Dec, 2023 Boxing Day Open 24 Hours
7 12-Dec, 2023 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Open 24 Hours

These are the special days when Planet Fitness operates 24 hours. For other holidays, checking with your specific location for their hours is guided.

Thanksgiving Day and Gym Culture 

Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude and lavish meals, also marks a unique trend in the fitness world. Many prefer to hit the gym on this day to preemptively burn off the holiday calories or pay for the excess. 

It has led to a demand for gyms to remain open during Thanksgiving. Yet, the availability of gyms like Planet Fitness on Thanksgiving Day can differ based on location and control decisions.

Member Experiences and Expectations

Regular gym-goers often plan their holiday schedules around gym availability. Some Planet Fitness members share that having the gym open on Thanksgiving Day is a notable comfort, allowing them to stay on track with their fitness goals. 

The expectation for a gym to be available, specifically for those who follow a strict workout regime, is high during the holiday season.

Alternatives for a Closed Gym

If your local Planet Fitness is closed on Thanksgiving Day, there are still plenty of ways to stay active. Home workouts, outdoor runs, or participating in local Thanksgiving Day races can be excellent options. 

These options ensure your fitness routine is entirely functional even if the gym is closed.

Preparing for the Holiday Season

The holiday season often brings a few gym hours, not just on Thanksgiving but also on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Gym lovers should prepare for these changes. 

Keeping a tab on the holiday hours of your local Planet Fitness can help you plan your workouts.

Is Planet Fitness Open on Halloween, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day?

Planet Fitness may have different holiday hours on Halloween, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day. Be sure to verify their schedule for these holidays to avoid surprises.


In summary, whether Planet Fitness is open on Thanksgiving Day or not can vary depending on the location. 

Some locations remain open, sticking to their 24-hour schedule, while others might be closed or close early. It is always best to check with your local Planet Fitness for the exact information.

My Final Thoughts

Regarding Planet Fitness and Thanksgiving, verifying whether your local gym is open or closed on the holiday is essential, as policies may vary from location to location.

Many fitness centers adjust their hours during holidays, so checking in passages can help you plan your workout routine.

Verifying the holiday hours with your specific Planet Fitness branch is always a good idea to avoid surprises.

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Q: Can you wear jeans to work out at Planet Fitness?

Ans: It is generally guided to wear workout-appropriate attire like shorts or leggings for comfort and safety during your workout at Planet Fitness.

Q: How many locations does Planet Fitness have in Canada?

Ans: Planet Fitness has over 40 locations in Canada, but it is best to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

Q: What state has the most Planet Fitness?

Ans: New Hampshire had the highest attention of Planet Fitness locations then, as it is where the company was founded. Yet, this may have changed, so verifying the current statistics is worth verifying.

Q: Can a 12-year-old go to Planet Fitness?

Ans: Planet Fitness typically requires members to be at least 13. It is advisable to check with your local Planet Fitness location for their specific age policy.

Q: Is it hard to cancel Planet Fitness?

Ans: Canceling a Planet Fitness membership can vary in difficulty depending on the terms of your contract. Some members have reported challenges with revocation, so it is advisable to carefully review your membership deal and follow their specific cancellation process.


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