Planet Fitness Glute Machine Guide 2023

Planet Fitness Glute Machine

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For many fitness lovers, glute training is of significant importance.

Why, you ask? Well, not only does it play a role in daily activities and sports, but strong glutes can improve posture, prevent injuries, and improve aesthetics. Enter Planet Fitness. 

As a renowned gym chain, it offers a game-changer for all glute lovers: the Planet Fitness Glute Machine.

Why Glute Training Matters 

Glutes are not just about aesthetics. These muscles are critical in daily jobs, from walking to climbing and jumping. 

Targeting the glutes in workouts improves overall body strength, prevents possible lower back issues, and even improves muscular performance.

Overview of Planet Fitness and Its Philosophy 

Established to provide a Judgment Free Zone for everyone, Planet Fitness has become a favorite. 

Its ethos primarily resounds with beginners and experienced gym-goers because it creates a comfortable and inclusive environment. 

Planet Fitness Glute Machine

And one of its offerings that stands out is the fitness glute machine.

How To Use The Planet Fitness Glute Machine

While I do not have access to specific models of machines, most glute machines at gyms operate similarly. Here’s a general guide to using a glute machine, like the ones you might find at Planet Fitness:


  • Adjust the seat height so your knees align with the machine’s pivot point.
  • Adjust the back pad to support your back adequately.
  • Adjust the footplate or roller to sit above comfortably or behind your ankle, depending on the machine’s design.


  • Sit with your back flat against the back pad.
  • Place your feet on the designated platform or footplate.
  • Confirm your knees are turned at about 90 degrees.

Holding the Handles:

  • Firmly grip the handles on either side of the machine or in front of you.
  • These will help keep your body stabilized during the exercise.

Performing the Exercise:

  • Press through your heels, stretching your legs.
  • Ensure you are pressing your glutes at the end of the movement.
  • Slowly return to the starting position, maintaining control and not letting weights slam.


  • Inhale as you begin the training.
  • Exhale as you press and extend your legs.


  • Perform your desired repetitions for strength and toning, typically between 8 and 15.
  • Confirm that you keep good form throughout each repeat.


  • Start with a lighter weight to familiarize yourself with the machine and determine your strength level.
  • Ensure the weight pin is securely placed in the weight stack.
  • Avoid locking out your knees; keep them slightly bent at the end of the extension.


  • Once done, gradually reduce the weight to cool down.
  • Stretch your glutes and hamstrings to avoid stiffness.

Regular Cleaning:

  • Wipe down the machine after use, especially if the gym requires it due to hygiene standards.

Always remember that each machine might have slight variations. If you need help using a device, consult a gym staff member or personal trainer for guidance.

Benefits Of Using a Glute Machine

Using a glute machine offers multiple benefits. It specifically targets and tones the gluteal muscles, improving the aesthetics of the buttocks. 

This focused strengthening supports everyday movements and reduces injury risks, especially in the lower back and knees. Athletes can benefit from improved performance due to stronger glutes. 

Moreover, these devices provide controlled movement patterns, ideal for beginners and those in injury recovery. They can aid in better posture and overall body stability. Proper process is vital to reap these benefits fully.

Deep Dive: The Planet Fitness Glute Machine 

Planet Fitness Glute Machine is not your ordinary workout equipment. It is planned for targeted muscle activation and gives you the most of your glute workout. 

With safety features, even beginners can comfortably embark on their glute-strengthening journey. You are curious about how it compares to other machines.

In that case, our guide on Discover The 8 Best Gym Machines For Glutes might offer some insights.

Comparison with Other Glute Machines/Exercises

Various equipment promises glute growth. Still, the glute machine at Planet Fitness stands out for multiple reasons, be it the structure, functionality, or ease of use. 

While some might question, Does Planet Fitness Have A Hack Squat Machine? What is the point of their technical glute machine?

Safety Tips and Best Practices 

Like any workout plan, using the glute machine also requires loyalty to safety guidelines. 

It is vital to warm up, maintain proper alignment, and avoid overexertion. These simple steps ensure you reap the benefits without risks.

Best Glute Machines at Planet Fitness 

Maximizing Results with the Glute Machine 

Combining its workouts with other exercises is advised to get the most out of the fitness glute machine. 

Also, a protein-rich diet can aid muscle growth and recovery. Regularly tracking progress will motivate and guide you in your fitness journey.

Real-life Testimonials 

Many have transformed their physique and fitness levels with the Planet Fitness Glute Machine. 

These testimonials and before-after photos often speak louder than mere words.


  • Targeted Activation
  • Safe Movements
  • Exercise Versatility
  • Improved Posture
  • Functional Strength


  • Limited Dynamics
  • Muscle Neglect
  • High Demand
  • High Cost
  • Space Consuming


Whether you are new to the world of fitness or a seasoned gym-goer, the glute machine at Planet Fitness promises results. 

Combined with a balanced workout plan, it can pave the way for more potent, well-defined glutes.

Call to Action 

Are you eager to experience the glute machine’s magic? Or are you interested in the best time to go to Planet Fitness

Dive in, research, and remember to share your experiences with us!

My Final Thoughts

Glute training is more than a trend. It is a pathway to better strength, balance, and overall fitness. 

And with the Planet Fitness Glute Machine at your disposal, gaining those dream glutes becomes possible. 

Dive in, and may your fitness journey be rewarding!


Q: Does Planet Fitness have a glute machine?

Ans: Planet Fitness typically offers various machines targeting the glutes, including the leg press and leg curl machines.

Q: What gym machines are for glutes?

Ans: Glute-specific gym machines include the glute kickback machine, leg press, hip abductor, and hip thrust machine.

Q: How do you work your glutes at Planet Fitness?

Ans: At Planet Fitness, you can work your glutes using the leg press and hip abductor machines, squats, and lunges with free weights or the Smith machine.

Q: Can you grow glutes with a Smith machine?

Ans: Definitely. The Smith machine is versatile and can be used for squats, lunges, and hip thrusts, which can help grow and support the glutes.

Q: How effective is the glute machine?

Ans: The glute machine effectively isolates and targets glute muscles, promoting muscle growth and toning with proper form and even training.


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