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In the fitness world, having the right tools, including gym towels, can make all the difference.

LA Fitness, one of the top fitness clubs, offers a towel service that many members use. 

This guide will research the different types of towels available, the LA Fitness towel service, and why you should consider getting your towel.

LA Fitness Towel Service 

LA Fitness provides members access to towels through their towel service, available in the locker rooms. 

LA Fitness Towel Service 

Members can use these towels during workouts and then drop them in set containers when finished. 

While timely, considering the pros and cons of relying solely on the gym’s towels is essential.

Types of LA Fitness Towels 

At LA Fitness, you’ll find two main types of towels. The regular gym towels are typically blue and white and made of porous materials like cotton or microfiber. 

These towels are essential for removing effort during workouts, providing comfort, and keeping hygiene. 

Also, excellent workout towels offer extra features such as excellent absorbency and durability, often impressed with the LA Fitness logo.

Benefits of Using Your Towel 

Bringing your towel to the gym provides hygiene, reducing the risk of skin diseases in shared workout areas. 

Personalization lets you choose a towel that fits your size, material, and layout choices.   

Moreover, a notable advantage is assuming eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness by reducing the consumption of disposable gym towels.

Choosing the Right Workout Towel 

When choosing a workout towel, consider size, material, and features such as absorbency and quick-drying powers.

Tailoring your choice to your workout routine and personal needs provides maximum comfort. 

LA Fitness members can find towels that align with their fitness goals and style, including branded options.

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Caring for Your Workout Towel 

Proper care includes regular washing, avoiding extra detergent, and ensuring thorough drying to control odors and mildew. 

These tips can help extend your towel’s lifespan, saving you money. 

Also, you donate to the gym’s general cleanliness and hygiene by taking good care of your towel.

Options for Traditional Towels 

Explore gym-specific options like yoga or cooling towels for precise fitness needs. 

LA Fitness members may also consider antibacterial towels for added security. 

Diversifying your gym bag with multipurpose towels can improve your workout knowledge.

Packing Your Gym Bag 

Manage your gym bag efficiently, keeping your towel readily available. Consider including essentials like workout clothes and toiletries for a well-prepared gym bag. 

Moreover, advancing sustainability by minimizing waste and adopting eco-friendly methods in your gym training is a reliable choice.


Gym towels are a small yet crucial part of your fitness journey, boosting comfort and hygiene. LA Fitness members can choose between using the gym’s towels or getting their own. 

Whichever you choose, remember that a fitness club like LA Fitness has showers and locker rooms provided with private shower stalls for your comfort.

Additional Resources

Find links to guided workout towels and accessories for those supporting in quality gear. 

Discover links to LA Fitness’s official policies and guidelines, providing members are well informed. 

In your inquiry for fitness, remember that local LA Fitness centers provide a range of extras to improve your experience, including personal trainers to help you reach your goals.

My Final Thoughts

Fitness is more than exercise. It is also about your choices to support your journey. 

When it comes to gym towels, whether you prefer the comfort of LA Fitness’s towel service or the personal touch of getting your own, you’re making a choice that aligns with your fitness goals. 

So, grab that towel next time you hit the gym and enjoy a clean, relaxed, pure workout knowledge at your local LA Fitness Club.


Q: What types of gym towels are available at LA Fitness?

Ans: LA Fitness offers classic gym towels, typically blue and white, and premium workout towels with added features like excellent absorbency.

Q: How does LA Fitness’s towel service work?

Ans: LA Fitness provides members access to towels in the locker rooms. Partners can use these towels during their workouts and return them to set bins when done.

Q: Why should I consider bringing my towel to the gym?

Ans:  Getting your towel provides hygiene and personalization, lowering the risk of skin conditions and allowing you to choose the size and material you prefer.

Q: How can I care for my gym towel to make it last longer?

Ans: To extend the lifespan of your gym towel, wash it regularly, avoid excess detergent, and provide complete drying to prevent odors and mildew.

Q: Are there options for traditional gym towels?

Ans: You can explore gym-specific options like yoga or cooling towels for specific fitness needs. LA Fitness members may also view antibacterial towels for added guard.


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