Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks? Which Gyms offer

does planet fitness have squat racks

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Squat racks, critical for heavy weights and compound exercises, are a pin for fitness lovers. This post sheds light on whether Planet Fitness’s famous fitness club combines them into their locations.

The Concept of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness touts a Judgment Free Zone philosophy, catering to a beginner-friendly environment. While some gyms focus on attracting professional weightlifters, Planet Fitness prioritizes those embarking on their fitness journey.

The Equipment at Planet Fitness

From treadmills to leg press machines, Planet Fitness offers diverse gym equipment. Yet, regarding specific devices like squat racks, the question arises: Does Planet Fitness have squat racks?

Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks?

does planet fitness have squat racks

Directly managing this, Planet Fitness does not traditionally have squat racks. Instead, they feature Smith Machines. A Smith machine, while similar in appearance, offers a structured movement compared to the free-weight squat racks. It makes it particularly beginner-friendly.

Why No Squat Racks at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness promotes a Judgment Free Zone, targeting beginners and recreational exercisers. They opted out of traditional squat racks, seen as intimidating, and added lunk alarms for disruptive manners like dropping weights. 

To offer safe weightlifting, they introduced Smith Machines. This decision, aiming for comfort and inclusivity, has obtained mixed reactions.

Which Gyms offer Squat Racks

For fitness lovers prioritizing weight training, the availability of squat racks is an essential factor when choosing a gym. The following gyms are known to offer squat racks for their members:

  • Gold’s Gym
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • LA Fitness
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Equinox
  • CrossFit (Various Affiliates)
  • Crunch Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • YMCA

(Note: Availability may vary by location, so checking with a specific branch before joining is always good.)

Why Some People Prefer Traditional Squat Racks

Traditional squat racks, unlike Smith Machines, offer a free-weight experience. It means exercises like bench presses come with a more organic movement, often preferred by seasoned gym-goers.

Advantages of Using Smith Machines

Smith Machines, found in many Planet Fitness locations, highlight safety with a self-spotting feature. Its structured movement aids those unknown with squats, minimizing the risk of injury from the wrong form.

Feedback from Planet Fitness Members

A mixed bag of reactions occurs when discussing the want of traditional squat racks. While some miss them, others appreciate the Smith Machines, primarily those new to the fitness world. Read more member feedback here.

Should You Join Planet Fitness If You Want to Squat Regularly?

For those keen on regular squats with free weights, there are other choices besides Planet Fitness. Yet, if the structured workout of a Smith Machine appeals to you, this fitness club may suit your needs.


Whether or not Planet Fitness is your go-to depends on your squatting biases. With Smith Machines over traditional squat racks, they prioritize safety and structure, ideal for beginners.

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My Final Thoughts

At its heart, Planet Fitness doesn’t align with the lunk alarms stereotype. Instead, it is a place for all, even if it means trading traditional squat racks for Smith Machines. It is about finding what aligns with your fitness journey. Choose wisely.


Q: What is the squat rack called at Planet Fitness?

Ans: The squat rack at Planet Fitness is called a Smith Machine.

Q: Why are there no squat racks at Planet Fitness?

Ans: Planet Fitness omits squat racks to maintain a beginner-friendly condition.

Q: Can you squat on a Smith machine at Planet Fitness?

Ans: You can perform squats using the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness.

Q: How much is the squat bar at Planet Fitness?

Ans: The bar on the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness typically weighs 20 pounds.

Q: Are there free barbells at Planet Fitness?

Ans: Planet Fitness does not offer standard free barbells. They use fixed-weight barbells.


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