Viking Press Machine Building Strong Shoulders

Viking Press machine

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The Viking press machine has become an essential part of many gyms. It is known for its unique role in functional fitness and strength training. 

Unlike the traditional press machine, the Viking version introduces activities to improve your total body strength.

What is a Viking Press machine?

This machine is a gym tool invented for upper body workouts, primarily targeting the shoulders. It uses a lever system, and users push upwards against resistance to build strength and improve mobility.

History of the Viking Press

Though not directly tied to the Norsemen, this machine may have made its name due to the firm and stable strength often associated with Vikings. 

Over time, this pressing exercise has carved its niche in the fitness world, gradually growing to suit modern training needs.

How to Use the Viking Press Machine

How to Use the Viking Press Machine

  • Positioning: Stand assembling the machine with feet shoulder-width separated.
  • Grip: Grasp the handles, choosing between neutral or traditional grip.
  • Posture: Keep a straight back and tight core.
  • Push: Extend arms upwards, pushing the handles.
  • Controlled Descent: Lower the handles back to the starting position.
  • Reps: Perform the expected number of repetitions.
  • Adjustment: Modify resistance/weight as needed for your fitness level.
  • Safety: Always start with lighter weights to familiarize yourself with the motion.
  • Rest: Take breaks between sets to control muscle fatigue.

Which gym offers a Viking Press Machine?

This machine has gained traction in many fitness centers due to its unique setup and proper shoulder-targeting workouts. Several top-tier gyms offer this machine in the gym.

  • Gold’s Gym
  • LA Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Equinox

(Note: The listed gyms are standard and widely identified chains. Actual availability may vary based on location and specific gym branches.)

Design and Mechanism

At a glance, the Viking press machine stands out with its lever arm and handle system. 

Its primary strategy promotes a neutral and traditional grip, catering to different shoulder directions.

As one pushes the lever arm upwards, they are challenged by resistance, working primarily on the deltoids. 

Some advanced machines, like the ones featured at Atlantis Strength’s Viking Press, offer customization to improve the exercise more.

Benefits of Using the Viking Press 

Beyond the typical shoulder press, the machine offers extensive upper-body meeting, specifically for the deltoids and trapezius. 

The core gets its fair share of action, promoting peace and strength. 

Also, its format promotes better shoulder mobility, making it a preferable choice for many fitness lovers.

Does the Viking Press Machine Burn fat?

The machine primarily targets muscle strengthening and toning, specifically in the upper body. While it can donate to calorie burn during a workout, it is not explicitly developed for fat burning. 

Yet, any form of exercise, including working with the Viking Press, can aid in fat loss when combined with a proper diet and a constant fitness routine. 

The machine’s primary focus is muscle growth. Still, it can indirectly support weight loss as a more comprehensive workout regimen.

Technique and Proper Usage

Using the machine starts with changing it to one’s height, providing ergonomic efficiency. 

The key to this pressing exercise is maintaining a stable core while pushing the lever arm upwards using a neutral or traditional grip. 

Yet, avoiding exceeding the elbows and keeping the shoulders relaxed is essential to stop injuries.

Can a 12-year-old Child Use this Machine?

While the Viking Press was invented for strength training, its use for a 12-year-old child needs notice. 

At such a developmental age, it is essential to provide proper technique, weight selection, and care to avoid possible injuries. 

Many fitness professionals recommend bodyweight exercises or lighter resistance training for children. 

Considering the Viking Press for a child, it is best to consult a pediatrician or fitness expert to define its suitability and provide safe use.

Incorporating the Viking Press into Your Workout Routine

Starting with a low resistance is advisable for beginners to get used to the machine. As one gains trust, they can increase weight and combine advanced techniques.

Even pair it with exercises that target the glutes using machines from lists like the Best 20 Glute Machines For Your Workouts or Discover The 8 Best Gym Machines For Glutes.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

Providing the machine remains in optimal condition interests regular checks for any wear or tear. 

Users should also prioritize their safety by seeking guidance on the machine’s proper usage and providing the appropriate weight settings for their fitness level.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Many fitness experts swear by the Viking press device, lauding its energy in improving shoulder strength and promoting overall upper-body development. 

Real-life stories from regular users often highlight improved shoulder mobility and increased muscle purpose, mainly when used always.


  • Improves shoulder strength
  • Improves core stability
  • Increases mobility range
  • Versatile weight adjustments
  • Supports functional training


  • Equipment availability issues
  • Initial technique challenges
  • Possible overextension risk
  • Specificity limits variation
  • Space-consuming design


The Viking press is more than just another piece of gym equipment. It is a unique tool created to improve functional fitness, mainly focusing on shoulder strength and stability. 

Its unique mechanic and the proper technique can yield excellent results, making it a favorite among many fitness lovers.

My Final Thoughts

The Viking press stands out for its name and usefulness in the ever-evolving fitness landscape. 

As with any exercise equipment, it is not just about the machinery but the loyalty and technique you bring to it. 

So, if you seek a change or a new challenge, it is time to flow with the Vikings.


Q: What muscle does Viking press work?

Ans: The Viking press primarily targets the deltoids and uses the trapezius and core.

Q: What is the difference between the overhead and Viking press?

Ans: The aloft press is a free-weight exercise using a barbell or dumbbell. The Viking press utilizes a lever machine with a clear pivot means.

Q: Why is a Viking press called a Viking press?

Ans: While not now connected to Norse history, the name may produce the full strength often associated with Vikings.

Q: How heavy is the Viking press?

Ans: The weight of a Viking press varies based on the machine and added result. Yet, the machine’s lever arm often starts with a specific base weight.

Q: Is the Viking Press a good exercise?

Ans: The Viking Press enhances shoulder strength, mobility, and overall upper-body development.


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