Small Exercise Ball Workouts

Small Exercise Ball Workouts
Small Exercise Ball Workouts
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Have you considered how a small exercise ball might be your ticket to a more critical, agile body? Often overpowered by their more significant partners, small exercise balls are a secret fitness powerhouse. 

Versatile and challenging, they bring core strengthening to a new level, adding a touch of dynamic instability that challenges your body in every move.

What is a Small Exercise Ball?Small Exercise Ball Workouts

A small exercise ball, sometimes known as a pilates or mini ball, is typically about 20-25 centimeters in diameter. Unlike the more giant stability balls, these compact spheres are exceptional for targeting deeper core muscles. 

They are a staple in pilates ball exercises. The smaller surface area requires more accuracy, making it an ideal tool for refining balance and coordination.

Benefits of Small Exercise Ball Workouts

When you squeeze the ball between your knees or hold it with your hands behind your head during crunches, you are not just adding opposition. You are also engaging multiple muscle groups. 

These movements can help gain the coveted 90-degree angles in exercises that optimize muscle attention. 

They improve core stability and balance and stance by aligning the spine and reducing the risk of back pain.

Benefits of Small Exercise Ball Workouts

Getting Started: Choosing the Right Small Exercise Ball

Before beginning your journey with a small exercise ball:

  1. Choose the right one.
  2. Consider the size and texture to ensure it is neither too small nor slippery, providing your safety during workouts.
  3. Inflate it to the correct stress to maintain functionality and durability.

Core-Blasting Small Exercise Ball Moves

Let’s delve into some core-focused exercises:

Ball Passes:

  • Start flat on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor.
  • Hold the ball overhead; as legs lift, pass the ball to feet.
  • Lower back to start; engages core and coordination.

Plank Rolls:

  • Begin in plank, ball under shins.
  • Stabilize upper body and core, roll ball to hands.
  • Return to start activates the heart and upper body.

Ball Circles:

  • Sit, knees bent, ball between knees.
  • Feet flat; rotate the ball in circles.
  • Works inner thighs and lower abs.

V-Sit With Ball:

  • Sit, ball between knees, and lean back into a V-shape.
  • Press the ball, lift your legs, and balance on your bones.
  • Supports core and improves balance.

Full-Body Workouts with Small Exercise Ball

For a full-body approach, consider these exercises:

Squat and Press:

With the ball in front of you, squat while keeping a leg straight back, then stand and press the ball overhead. It works your glutes like exercises you’d perform using the V Squat Machine.

Lunge with a Twist:

Holding the ball with both hands, step into a lunge, and twist your upper body, hiring the core, similar to the functional movements involved in dumbbell shoulder exercises.

Push-Up with Feet on Ball:

Boost your feet on the ball and perform push-ups, activating your upper body like cable chest workouts.

Supine Leg Curls:

Lie on your back with your feet on the ball, lift your hips, and curl the ball towards you, reminiscent of the leg workouts on glute machines.

How to use a small exercise ball complete guide in this article:

Safety Tips and Best Practices

Always maintain proper form, explicitly keeping the back straight and not letting your hips sag. Start slow and slowly boost the intensity. Remember to warm up before and cool down after your workouts.

Integrating Small Exercise Ball Workouts into Your Routine

Incorporate these exercises 2-3 times a week to start seeing benefits. Combine them with other fitness tools, like opposition bands from the top band shoulder exercises, to keep your routine various and well-rounded.


Small exercise balls are the unsung fitness heroes, providing a challenging and valuable workout for anyone looking to improve their core strength and balance. 

With the comfort of a close size, this piece of tools is an ideal choice for a universal workout, whether at home or on the go.

My Final Thoughts

Remember, the road to fitness is a personal journey. With these simple yet effective small exercise ball workouts, you are not just working out. You are preparing a more resilient, balanced body with every reduction.


Q: What exercises can you do with a small exercise ball?

Ans: You can perform plank rolls, ball passes, and V-sit holds with a small exercise ball to target core, balance, and coordination.

Q: What are the benefits of small exercise balls?

Ans: Small exercise balls improve core stability and stance, target small muscle groups, and increase the intensity of workouts.

Q: Do exercise ball workouts work?

Ans: Yes, exercise ball workouts support the core, improve balance, and increase muscle attention.

Q: Can you lose weight with an exercise ball?

Ans: While an exercise ball alone is not a magic solution for weight loss, it can donate to a calorie-burning workout routine, which, when combined with a healthy diet, can help in losing weight.

Q: Does a gym ball reduce belly fat?

Ans: Using a gym ball can help employ core muscles and burn calories, which, when combined with a caloric deficit, can lead to reduced belly fat over time.


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