Mastodon Squat Bar Complete Guide 2023

Mastodon Squat Bar
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The journey of squat take-ups and equipment through history is an exciting tale of creation. Today, we shed light on a significant development in this field. The Mastodon Squat Bar. 

While many specialty bars like the Texas Power Bar or the Safety Squat Bar have made their mark, the Mastodon Squat stands out for various reasons.

Features of the Mastodon Squat Bar

This bar, explicitly prepared as a bar for squats, has particular sizes and specifications that set it apart. 

Built with robust materials, it promises superior durability and strength. Its bold knurling provides a solid grip crucial for heavy lifts. 

Compared to conventional bars or even the Texas Squat Bar, Mastodon’s design offers unique edges, like housing broader shoulder widths more comfortably.

Benefits of Using the Mastodon Squat Bar

Engaging with this thicker bar presents numerous benefits. Firstly, it improves stability during weighty squats—a feature that resonates specifically when using calibrated plates. 

The bar’s design also reduces the strain on the wrists and shoulders. Its build supports a natural grip positioning and benefits lifters who utilize power racks. 

Notably, this is a boon for those with mobility or broader shoulders.

Mastodon Squat Bar

Comparison with Other Specialty Bars

The realm of specialty bars is vast. Whether it is the Safety Squat Bar, known for its unique handle design, or the deadlift bar optimized for pulling heavy weights, each has its niche. 

The Mastodon stands tall, compared explicitly to bars like the Texas Squat Bar, mainly because of its user-friendly features for wider-shouldered individuals. 

You can research more about the Texas Squat Bar in this detailed Texas Squat Bar Review.

Practical Tips for Incorporating the Mastodon Bar into Training

Adapting to the Mastodon requires minor adjustments in squat techniques. Providing proper settings on your squat rack and safety settings is essential. 

Combining the Mastodon bar can yield excellent results when considering a periodized training program. 

Yet, be mindful of challenges like adjusting to the thicker bar grip or understanding the bar’s dynamics when used for bench presses.

Who Should Consider Using the Mastodon Squat Bar?

Both beginner and experienced lifters can benefit from the Mastodon. This bar might be a worthy investment, specifically if you are targeting specific powerlifting federations’ goals. 

Moreover, individuals recovering from injuries or those with biomechanical reviews will find the Mastodon Squat particularly beneficial.

Maintenance & Care

Like any specialty equipment, the Mastodon Squat Bar demands proper care. Storing it properly, cleaning it periodically (specifically the bold knurling), and being aware of wear markers will provide its longevity.

Real-world Testimonials

Numerous athletes and trainers have sung praises for the Mastodon. This bar has been vital in many success stories, from setting records to gaining personal bests. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Improved grip stability.
  • Accommodates wider shoulders.
  • Reduces wrist strain.
  • Robust material quality.
  • Suitable for heavy squats.


  • It’s a more expensive option.
  • Needs an adjustment period.
  • Limited versatility compared.
  • Heavier than standard.
  • Specific storage needs.


The Mastodon Squat Bar is not just another addition to the family of thin bars. With its unique design, user-centric features, and robust shape, it stands out. 

The Mastodon deserves consideration if you are a lover looking for something more than the usual Texas Power Bar or bench presses.

My Final Thoughts

The Mastodon Squat Bar is a promising beacon in the sea of powerlifting equipment. Whether setting it up in power racks or using it as your primary bar for squats, its merits are absolute. 

Dive deeper and explore more, like the Arsenal Hack Squat Explained, for more insights into powerlifting tools. The journey to strength is growing, and the Mastodon is a noteworthy guide.


Q: Which bar is best for squats?

Ans: The best bar for squats depends on individual preferences and goals. Still, the Mastodon and Texas Squat Bar are popular among powerlifters.

Q: Do 30 bars exist?

Ans: Yes, 30KG bars exist, often used in specific powerlifting or weightlifting techniques and specialty bars.

Q: Is SSB (Safety Squat Bar) more complex than a regular barbell?

Ans: The SSB can be perceived as more complex than a regular barbell because of its unique design, which changes the lift’s biomechanics, often targeting the rear chain more.

Q: How heavy is the Texas squat bar?

Ans: The Texas Squat Bar typically weighs around 25 kg (55lbs) and is prepared to handle heavy loads.

Q: How heavy is a good squat?

Ans: A good squat weight varies by strength, experience, gender, and weight. Yet, squatting 1.5 to 2 times one’s body weight is often considered a solid model for strength lovers.


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